of fresh pasta

Everything here is like in the past… the same good smells come from the countryside in the early morning… the scents of spices, foodstuffs and flours in the jute bags… the colours that chase each other from one stall to the next… the pleasure of meeting, delighting, recognizing each other… everything has remained as it was in the past…

We were born there, in the loggia “underneath the hall” of Palazzo della Ragione, acquiring the workshop of the historic Pastificio Nello, opened in the 50s in the heart of the city. There, close to Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta, we have consolidated our vocation as masters of fresh pasta, to make artisanship an art at the service of taste.

The alphabet of quality


The territory is the basis of our quality. From flour to eggs for pasta and to raw materials for doughs, we only use Italian ingredients, giving priority to those with a short supply chain. A specific engagement to enhance the typical features of the territory and support an agriculture dedicated to biodiversity and environmental sustainability. It is an assumption of responsibility towards the consumer and his need to put on the table foods whose history we know, foods that are healthy and rich in taste.

I need to know the story of that food. I need to know where it comes from. I have to imagine those hands that farmed, worked and cooked what I eat..


Key ingredients


Every good product originates from a certified selection of the raw materials used.

Key ingredients guiding us are only: the territory, the Italian wheat, the eggs of free-range hens the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, the fresh Italian ricotta whey cheese.

In particular, we use:

  • 100% Italian durum WHEAT semolina
  • “2PASSI” 100% Italian soft WHEAT flour type ‘’00’’ of Agri Nord Est Consortium
  • Fresh ricotta whey cheese, 100% of Italian origin
  • Only PDO cheese (Asiago PDO cheese, Piave PDO cheese, Montasio PDO cheese)
  • Fresh eggs of free-range hens (Italian origin, CLASS “A”)
  • Only PGI Speck of the Alto Adige region
  • Only Bologna PGI Mortadella
  • Only PDO Pecorino Romano

Everything we use is traceable and verifiable, as a testament to our reliability.

Alberto and Enrico Artusi

As food craftsmen is the feeling of passion


The most important thing we have learnt from our experience

Passion means approaching work with a special concentration, observing the naturalness of the colours of the raw materials, smelling the scents of flour and doughs to perceive their organoleptic characteristics and following the production cycle with dedication, promptly checking the results. Primarily, there is the wisdom of human resources, which have always represented the added value of every good product. Every morning, when we enter our pasta factory, we do so with the same enthusiasm as on our first working day and every evening, when we leave it, we bring with us the satisfaction we have done things properly, with the same passion of ever.

And that repays and satisfies us.