TODAY: The quest starts in the hen house! EGGS 100% made in Italy CATEGORY A

Eggs from free-range hens The Pastificio Artusi, we believe that everyone should benefit from our Pasta Fresca, even chickens. The eggs we use for Pasta Del Pastificio Artusi come from free-range hens in farms, The standards for eggs from free-range hens ensure that laying hens have a healthy and nutritious food, access to clean water, Hens free to roam in a covered area. Here the hens move freely and may lay eggs in the nests. As with groats, in fact, the Pastificio Artusi has never stopped using high quality raw materials for the egg products. The fresh egg pasta Pastificio Artusi is produced using eggs from free-range hens that help to live as such. Pastificio Artusi, always knows that the secret that lies behind the goodness of healthy eggs, genuine and high nutritional values, inextricably corresponds to the quality of life of chickens

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