Classic Line Handmade Cappellacci , one by one 100% Italian Wheat

Cappellacci with wild herbs


Produced with Durum WHEAT flour made in Italy, soft WHEAT flour type 00 made in Italy, fresh pasteurized barn EGGS made in Italy 28%. If green with spinach leaves 3%. If red with tomato powder 3%.
INGREDIENTS: Fresh ricotta cheese made in Italy (pasteurized bovine whey, pasteurized cow's MILK, salt), boiled mixed vegetables (water, salt, garlic) in variable proportion (type: fresch spinach, chicory,herbs)grana Padano dop cheese (MILK,rennet,salt,LYSOZIME: egg’s protein), breadcrumbs (soft WHEAT flour type 00, salt, active dry yeast), salt, pepper,NUTMEG.
Made in a factory that also processes fish, crustaceans, shellfish, eggproducts, cereals containing gluten, dairy products, celery, tree nuts.
Cooking time: about 5-6 minutes
Packaged in protective atmosphere, do not pierce the package, once the pack has been opened to use within 4 days. Keep at temperature not exceeding 3° c. Product subject to natural weight loss.
300 g
1000 g

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