Frozen Line I.Q.F Handmade Cappellacci , one by one 100% Italian Wheat

Cappellacci with buffalo mozzarella Campana cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil


Pasta produced with Durum WHEAT flour made in Italy, soft WHEAT flour type 00 made in Italy, fresh pasteurized EGGS of hen grown up free in Italy 28%. If green with spinach leaves 3%. If red with tomato powder 3%.
FILLING: Buffalo mozzarella cheese(buffalo cheese , selected starters, rennet, salt, citric acid), Fresh ricotta cheese made in Italy (pasteurized cow MILK WHEY, pasteurized cow's MILK, salt), fresch cherry tomatoes, breadcrumbs (soft WHEAT flour type 00, salt, active dry yeast), basil 5% , salt and pepper.
Made in a factory that also processes fish, crustaceans, shellfish, dairy products, celery, tree nuts. IT E7D4L CE 100% grano italiano 100% uova fresche da galline allevate a terra
Cooking time: about 5-6 minutes. The CHEF suggests fresh tomato sauce and oregano or greek olives and basil.
Frozen product 18 months.
1000 g

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