Our philosophy

Our choices, the same we do for our children

The Pastificio Artusi is following the Italian cooking traditions by selecting the most famous and typical types of pasta, using the most traditional and high quality ingredients and adopting the most typical preparation techniques. In this way it satisfies also the most demanding consumers.

Each ingredient is selected, tested and analyzed to always ensure the maximum food safety:

  • selected durum wheat flour 100% Italian
  • selected wheat flour “oo” 100% Italian to consorzio agrario del nord est  2 passi  
  • Fresh pastorized eggs reared on the ground 100% Italian
  • Fresh crafts ricotta cheese; 100% Italian
  • Italian meat of local controlled breedings;
  • Cheeses DOP;
  • Fresh vegetables;

Pastificio Artusi chooses genuine ingredients without preservatives, additives or technological adjuvants to ensure a 100% natural product.

In respect of its territory, the history and local gastronomy, the Pastificio Artusi prepares its pasta filled with the finest ingredients: Asiago DOP cheese, Speck Alto Adige IGP, meat Chianina IGP, Montasio DOP cheese, Piave DOP cheese, ham Sauris IGP ,ham LEVI. Parmigiano Reggiano DOP,Radicchio di chioggia IGP, Grano Timilia ,formaggio Piave DOP , Pecorino Romano DOP ,formaggio CRUCOLO,prosciutto di Sauris IGP,Pastificio Artusi has reported historic production products such as: the ancient pasta wheat “Senatore Cappelli”, Bigoli Moro and tortellini with Gallina Padovana Pro Avibus, the latter in collaboration with the Agricultural Institute of Padua.

Enhancement typical food and the Mediterranean Diet
The DOP and IGP products represent the excellence of the food production ITALIAN and are each the result of a unique combination of human and environmental factors characteristic of a given territory.
For this reason the PASTIFICIO ARTUSI out precise rules for their protection, using in production of fresh pasta and stuffed raw materials PDO AND PGI, signing with their specific consortia authorizations to the use of these raw materials for composite products

As learned in recent years has become business intelligence craft, which has enabled us to develop a technology with which to control every stage of production of fresh pasta.