News: START THE NEW DEEP-FROZEN SYSTEM IQF ” Individually Quick Frozen “

Since 1998 the brothers Artusi have begun the production of fresh and filled pasta in protective atmosphere. They had years of esperience as producers of pasta behind themselves.

Commitment and dedication have been essencial things for the Artusi’s success. Moreover three great intuitions have been important: 1) Define as main customers the restaurants that have requested hand made pasta with a daily service.  2) they have been introducing the deep-frozen in 2017  so that they might give a complete production to the HO.RE.CA  from fresh to deep-frozen pasta. The deep-frozen is the the best way to preserve food. 3) They have chosen the best method for the deep-frozen that is IQF(Individually Quick Frozen ) in other word a rapid and singular deep-frozen.

The frozen penetrates quickly into every singular product. In this way the products are not joined to each other and this allows to take needed products in an easy way. This will increase practicality and will decrease waste.

The product is frozed immediately with this method so that all organoleptic and nutritional characteristics are preserved. The final consumer will find these characteristics untouched during the consumption.

Cold is one of the oldest methods of natural conservation.

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