del sole

The famous tenor enrico caruso, with his legendary voice, was singing “o sole mio” all over the world. As italy is a paradise enlightened by a special sun, which kisses the fields of wheat and ripen the fruits of its land. this line is dedicated to this beautiful land, since it reflects its natural qualities, combination of flavours appreciated all over the world.

Italy stretches along the boot for about 1300 kilometres, from the Alpine peaks to the Mediterranean fragrances. This geographical conformation, in addition to the variety of landscapes, has fostered the development of an unrivalled biodiversity, generating a wide range of local recipes.

A single solution cannot represent such a huge range of typical Italian products. Only by dividing it by regions and territories can it be partially illustrated in a tasty and multi-coloured palette, as beautiful as in a painting.

For the line of sun we use only raw materials and ingredients from different italian regions. All cappellacci are handmade. short pasta, tagliolini (thin tagliatelle) and bigoli, are drawn in bronze. no product contains any preservatives, thickeners and hydrogenated fats.