del gusto

The line of taste is a tribute to the “taste made in Italy”, an extraordinary range of scents and flavors loved all over the world. A patrimony inherited over the centuries, originating from a refined culture of the territory, From original combinations of scents/colours and masterly cooking methods. This line renews the tradition
through unprecedented combinations.

In all sectors – from agriculture to craftsmanship and
industry – Italy stands out for its creativity in taste.
It is the Italian style, which especially from the arts, has been able to derive vitality to become, even in the agri-food sector, the new classic modernity.

Taste, like every human expression, is always on the way, it constantly evolves in symbiosis with the social, cultural and economic changes of the human community. From this point of view, Italy shows itself to be a melting pot, which is able to anticipate the taste of the future in all its nuances, especially when it comes to “good taste”.

With the line of taste new flavours come to the fore, with original combinations and innovative proposals to meet the craving for fragrant lightness. All cappellacci are handmade. short pasta, tagliolini (thin tagliatelle) and bigoli are drawn in bronze. no product contains any preservatives, thickeners and hydrogenated fats.