del fiore

Jacobello del fiore was the painter who painted the winged lion in the fifteenth century, the symbol of the venetian region. We wanted to dedicate him this line of products which releases all the scents of our region, created with local ingredients and resulting from a short supply chain, expression of a culture that has been able to preserve the products and ingredients typical of its varied agri-food history.

In the Venetian region, there are landscapes of the
world: lagoons and coasts of the Adriatic see, the countryside of the Venetian Pianura Padana, lakes and rivers of evocative beauty, the hills and mountains of the Alps’ foothills, the Dolomites, heritage of UNESCO: a kaleidoscope full of beauty and tastiness.

The Veneto region boasts a great number of typical traditional products, recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry: meats and offal are 1more than a hundred; about forty is the number of aged and fresh cheeses; natural and/or processed vegetable products are some 120; fish, molluscs and crustaceans are around 21; there are 7 types of ricotta whey cheese and 8 types of honey.

Del Fiore line proposes lots of typical goodness of the venetian region. All kind of tortellini are handmade. short pasta, tagliolini (thin tagliatelle) and bigoli are drawn in bronze. no product contains any preservatives, thickeners and hydrogenated fats.