Quality Research …… It is not manufactured. It is done with the Cheese King’s Best

Our new Cappellaccio with Fior di Ricotta Italiana and Parmigiano Reggiano is made every day by our pastai who daily work fresh eggs, flour and semolina strictly of Italian branch to give the highest quality to the product.

With the sensitivity of their hands, every day, they close our Chapels one by one

Whether we decide what to put into filling and we have made a precise choice, we chose Parmigiano Reggiano


It is the king of cheeses made by 3000 breeders and 300 farmers who each day produce the King of Cheeses with passion, there are fascinating journeys that take place in places and in time, between stories and traditions that move emotions and reason. And sometimes best part is the return.
For Parmigiano Reggiano it is.
Its unique and inimitable taste is the return from a long journey in nine centuries of history, in a fertile campaign that goes from Appennino to Po, to farms and dairies where the passion for the things taken with care, in stores of seasoning in which you slowly mature what better men know to do to offer you an unmistakable part of nature.
Parmigiano Reggiano is an extraordinary cheese, surprising in aromas and taste, typical in its structure.
But if you are still wondering why Parmigiano Reggiano for nine centuries is considered the king of cheeses and handicrafts, for over 9 centuries, we recommend trying our Cappellacci

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